|#parentideaswap|10 minute activities - April 2015 | LarabeeUK

|#parentideaswap|10 minute activities - April 2015

Welcome to the April #parentideaswap this month we're talking 10 minute activities, you know the ones, when you need to get your little ones out of your hair quickly!  I must admit I did used to find this a lot easier when T was smaller than it is now.
Some of my 'quick win's' were:-
play dough invitations
wrapping objects with tin foil
threading straws & pipe cleaners in a colander
paper & crayons
You get the idea!  Do you have any toddler 10 minute activities for us for this month's #parentideaswap?  There are so many way's you can share:
1. Share an idea on twitter or instagram using the hashtag.
2. Join in with the twitter chat tonight at 8pm
3. Link up your blog posts or instagram photo's here.
There aren't really any rules, but it's nice to comment on some other links and pop over to our co-host over at 3princesses1dude 
If you could spread the word too we'd really appreciate it!

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