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|ORGANISE|#30minutepurge and what's in my handbag

For my latest #30minutepurge I'm giving my handbag a clear out.

I've only been using this handbag for little over a month, so it's not accumulated too much rubbish, I thought I might do this once a week to keep it in check.  Do you organise your handbag regularly or are you a tissue and receipt stuffed bag kind of gal?

So then this was before in all its glory, I thought I took a photo of the pile once I'd tipped it out but I'm afraid that I didn't :(

Here's a photo of my current handba, I treated myself to this last month as a little birthday gift.  As you can see, it's quite big, I think the description was 'shopper'.

Once I'd cleared everything out, this is what I was left with, which belongs in my bag.

1. Filofax, blog notebook & blog diary
2. Pencil case
3. Business card
4. Bookmark
5. Folding hairbrush
6. Headphones in caterpillar purse
7. Ibuprofen
8. Tissues
9. Key to my work pedestal
10. Purse
11. Lip balm & lipstick
12. Mints
13. Work rsa token for my laptop & printer key fob
14. Bag of teabags and salt sachets (I have a massive salt addiction)
15. Work pass
16. Umbrella
17. Phone charger (cable not shown)
18. Hand cream
19. Sunglasses
Not shown!
20. iPhone
21. iPad 

I was left with a small pile of rubbish!

And a pile of things that belong elsewhere! 

#30minutepurge was a small challenge I set myself for April, I have not managed to do one everyday but I've certainly managed to make a dent in decluttering and will keep doing the #30minutepurge.

You can see all of my purges by using the hashtag in Instagram.

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