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|PLAN|Our March...

Our boo box theme is 'rainbows'

Observations we'd like to cover this month - 
1-8 National Tea Drinking week (Mummy can manage that one!)
1 St David's Day
2 Dr Seuss Day
8 Check your batteries day
12 Plant a flower day
15 Mothers Day
17 St Patricks Day
25 International waffle day
30 Van Gogh's Birthday
In our diary this month - 
1 Cousin S's 18th birthday party
2 Mummy's birthday
5 H's 14th birthday
5 World Book Day dress-up at nursery
6 Play Date with T's besties
6 Mummy & Daddy out for Mummy's birthday
9 Mummy's stay & play at nursery
We shall be starting our spring bucket list!
* for a full list of observations see this link
What do you have planned this month?
The List

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  1. National tea drinking week! YES!!!! Get in! So all I have to do all week is drink tea, right...? Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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