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|FUN|5 Dr Seuss activities for kids

Today is Dr Seuss's birthday (he's my birthday buddy!)
To mark the occasion, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Dr Seuss crafts for kids from pinterest.
We'll be celebrating tonight with 'green eggs & ham' and I hope to be doing a couple of our own activities over the coming weeks.
There's a full Dr Seuss book list link at the end too.
I hope you enjoy!
The Lorax Cupcake Liner Kids Craft to go with the classic Dr. Seuss book. Great craft for Dr. Seuss' birthday.
Dr Seuss Inspired Leopard Puppet {Kid Craft}
Oobleck Recipe (From Dr. Seuss' Barthomew and the Oobleck)  Made this with my kindergarteners when student teaching and they loved it!
dr.suess cute-classroom-ideas
The Grinch Handprint Christmas Card With Printable
Top 10 Dr. Seuss Books of All-Time and a Complete List of All the Dr. Seuss Books. Oh how I loved Dr. Seuss books growing up and now have passed them down to my kiddos and they love them too.


  1. Dr Seuss was a favourite in our house too, lovely crafts.

  2. Great selection on your list, I forget Dr Suess day every year and actually im horrified to admit we have NEVER EVER owned any of the books! Just seen the films!



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