|#thelist|week 7 -15 February | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|week 7 -15 February

- 1 new review opportunity sealed this week
- 3 new review/campaign opportunities applied for
- 2 campaign opportunities finished well before deadlines
- 1 review post published - Sweet
- Page views Sweetpea Pantry
- My favourite post this week is my erupting hearts post
- My most popular post this week is my #toddlerapprovedtuesday post
- #kidstravellingcraftswap started this week
- 7 posts published so far this week
- Have been using my blog calendar & Twitter schedulling this week, just need to work out, what, how often and try to avoid overloading.  Getting lots of re-tweets and traffic so seeing that as positive
- Trying out new bigger pictures for post, not sure if I like it yet, but apparently it is better for readers.
- Twitter & Instagram followers raising at a rapid rate!

- Too many ideas to execute still, working on I can start making progress on these.
- Still need to work on facebook likers.
- T's bedtime routine is cracked, it's lovely to have our evenings back again.
- Lunch date with The Hubs on Thursday
- New job going well
- K went off skiing on Friday
- H sleepover Friday
- T been very good at nursery & home
- Nice stay at home date with The Hubs for Valentine's Day
- Using planner = achieving more!
- Great A4 meeting planner from The Hubs for Valentine's Day - win!
- Grandma came round on Friday, we had a lovely time
- None
- Keeping on top of laundry so not having to pay the ironing company.  I do it whilst watching - TV I want to watch, so double win!
- Sticking to healthy(ish) meal plan
- Struggling on keeping up with mini routines to keep the house tidier
Another great, positive week.  Still loving being a blogger.
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  1. Hurrah for this! Lots achieved. Fab news on getting your evenings back, and the lunch date with your Hubby :) Jess xx

  2. Great Positive week! Glad to hear T is being better behaved for you!

    PS: I love big photos! The bigger the better! X

    1. Thanks, it's wonderful!

      ha ha i'm getting used to them ;) x

  3. Great list, lots of achievements. Glad the blog is going well. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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