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|ACHIEVE|meal management monday 23 February

This weekend I've had a mammoth food prep session for the weeks ahead!  I did a 'big shop' for meat & veggie alternatives on Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to stick within my budget of £40 per week until our next pay day.

I will try and get 'recipes' blogged soon, let me know if you'd like one in particular and I'll start on that first.

As one of our goals for this year is to reduce food waste, I had a look in the fridge/cupboards and found we had a few items which needed using up:-
1. half a swede
2. 3 rashers of bacon
3. salad leaves
4. 6 slices of bread
5. blueberries, kiwi & 2 oranges

I was already serving carrots with our roast chicken Sunday lunch, so decided that I'd use up the swede and make carrot & swede mash too, putting any leftovers in the freezer.

The bacon was cooked up and popped in a lunchbox to be mixed with leftover chicken, pasta and mayo for the hubs lunch.

The salad leaves were composted, if we had the chickens, they would eat this so I'm not too worried as I know this won't be wasted again soon.

The blueberries, kiwi and oranges were turned into a yummy juice for T and I.

I made lots of croutons from the leftover bread:-
Garlic & herb
Sea salt & black pepper 
I cooked these whilst the oven was on for the Sunday Roast.
In my quest to save money on our monthly shop, I decided to buy a mahoosive 12.5kg bag of unwashed potatoes for £2 from Morrisons this week.  They should have been £4 which I still think is a major bargain, I would usually pay £2 for a 1kg bag!  I'm ashamed to say that I have never purchased unwashed potatoes from the supermarket before, only from the farmers market or when I've got them direct from the garden!  The weekly prep I did for these was:
1. Prepared our roast potatoes for lunch
2. Washed and peeled enough potatoes to keep cut in water overnight for tonight's mash.
3. Washed some larger potatoes for jacket potatoes later in the week.

I cut up all of our leftover veg and made a large roast veg pan (see top picture) I cooked this whilst cooking the chicken and potatoes to save money!

I plan to serve the roast veg 3 ways:
1. Mixed with a cooked tomato and tomato puree and served with pasta for my lunch.
2. Mixed with harissa paste and served with cous cous for my lunch.
3. Pureed in the food processor and used as pizza topping.

T and The Hubs shared one chicken breast from the whole cooked chicken. 

1. The second chicken breast will be frozen then served with curry.
2. The rest of the meat will be made into mini pot pies tonight
3. The carcass was made into 4 pints of stock for the freezer.

In addition to the above I also peeled carrots and grated cheese for the foodsaver.

Tasks for this coming week:
Freezer inventory
Organising the snacks and sweets cupboard 
Sorting the cans/jars cupboard with any going out of date in the next 6 months towards the front.

So after all that onto this weeks meal plan.

Items in italics are from freezer.

MONDAY chilli & rice/roast chicken wrap sausage & mash
TUESDAY roast veg pasta/chicken & bacon pasta tomato, avocado & mozzarella salad (K out)
WEDNESDAY homemade soup/ham wrap Gammon, egg & chips
THURSDAY roast veg cous cous/bacon & lettuce wrap mushroom/chicken curry
FRIDAY jacket potato/beetroot salad stuffed mushrooms/steak slices & jamie oliver 30 min dauphinoise
SATURDAY out for lunch homemade pizza
SUNDAY courgetti with tomato & mozzarella

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  1. I love how thorough you are! Two of my colleagues judged me a bit mad doing a meal plan last week and felt a little ashamed but I love the meal planning community - its them who are mad surely?!

    Also noted in particular your croutons -what a fab idea! We have minimal food waste but bread is one of the culprits!

  2. I agree, amazingly thorough! Well done, really good use of absolutely everything. Hope you have a great week :) xx

  3. You're so detailed I am impressed! I need to do a freezer inventory too this week, but as it involved going out to the freezer and I'm getting over a fluey cold I'm procrastinating terribly! How long do you think those potatoes will last? I remember my mum buying massive bags like that from the local farm, but I'd be wary about storing them as they'd get wet in the garage, or warm indoors... Hmm, plenty to think about. Have a good week.

  4. I really do need to take a leaf out of your book! I have forgotten whats in the freezer if I am honest! We are also wanting to reduce our food waste, sounds like you're doing a great job! x


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