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|FUN|frozen sensory bin - guest post from Becky

Today we have an awesome sensory bin from my bestest blogging buddy Becky 3princessesand1dude you may or may not know that Becky makes a mean sensory bin, did you ever see her easter one??  
I have to admit I'm a tinsey bit jealous that Becky's got girls as I just adore this bin, I'm sure T would enjoy it but he just wouldn't appreciate it like a little lady would ;)
And those jar lids - inspired!! Will definite be borrowing that idea!
Over to Becky:
If there's one thing we love its a sensory bin! You can find more of our Sensory Bins HERE!
As I started to put together this Winter Themed sensory bin, I became more and more inspired by Disney's Frozen which meant a few more bits been added!

What you need:
Decorative Crystals
Decorative Diamonds  (I got all the above from Home Bargains for less than a pound each!)
Snowflake Table Confetti (left over from Christmas!)
Fairy Lights
Assorted Blue Pom Poms
Hama Bead Snowflakes (lots of online tutorials available) 
Loom Band Snowflakes (lots of online tutorials available)
Jar Lids with Printable Frozen images stuck inside (again lots of free printables online)
The one thing I haven't mentioned above is that I lined the box with a silver table cloth I found in Wilko's for like 19p after Christmas.
The best thing about a sensory bin is that you can do what you want with it! You can add all of the bits above, you can add little pieces at a time, you can take stuff out that doesn't fit for your children.




Do you use sensory bins in your play? Whats your favourite kind of sensory bin, I'd love to hear your ideas!
Becky Wilkinson


  1. Beautiful and so sparkly. To scared to let my Frozen obsessed Little Tots see this as I know they'll go crazy for it!!

  2. this looks fab - great ideas xx



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