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|FAMILY|family time capsule

I really wanted to create some new year family traditions this year, since he has been born T has always spent New Years Eve with us as we meet with friends families to celebrate, so creating a few new traditions builds on the family focused New Year that we are trying to create.
I've already shared our Year round-up questionnaire and our memory star and I really wanted to do something with those to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015!
I decided to keep these in a 'time capsule'

To make our time capsule we used a small coke bottle and washi tape.

We also decorated our time capsule with stickers and deco tape.

I cut the bottle in half using a craft knife and we added our surname and the year in stickers onto the outside.
We put our questionnaires and memory star in the bottle and added some 2014 coins and a Christmas stamp alongside the cost.
I'd like to add more items in the future, maybe the front page of a newspaper, a family photo, T's pictures and writing, cost of living eg price of milk, bread, petrol etc and T's handprint and footprint perhaps.  If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Using washi tape we put the bottle back together and T added some stickers, T wanted pirate stickers because he kept saying that this was his treasure, he was just a little disappointed that he couldn't bury it in the garden!

We popped our time capsule into one of our Christmas boxes and plan on taking it out next Christmas and reading the questionnaires and seeing how things changed this year.
I'm hoping that this will become a little New Year ritual for us as a family and that eventually we'll have a lovely big box of time capsules for us to take out and reminisce or laugh and talk about things contained within the bottles, seeing how the children's writing changes, how their aspirations develop and how general things like coins and stamps change year on year.

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