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|FAMILY|christmas bucket list 2014 round-up

I loved our christmas bucket list for this year, although I do feel that I would have liked more on it, I just have to remember that we also have the winter bucket list now on the go so it will be great to keep up momentum.

Firstly we went to visit the reindeer, we didn't actually get to stroke them but we did give them carrots.

Buddy the elf paid us a visit again this year, he got up to all sorts of things, you can see all of our elf exploits here.

We watched the christmas lights get turned on by Father Christmas over at Newport Pagnell.

T joined in with the annual christmas carols on the green, although he got cold pretty quickly and wanted to go home to warm up, more details can be found here.

T saw Father Christmas, he was given a goodie bag with, reindeer food, 2 candy canes and a homemad chocolate lolly.  He was so excited!

Well, after spending an inordinate amount of money on beer, dippy things and various cheeses, this slow cooker beer fondue recipe was completely rubbish, the fondue split, it was ridiculously complicated and had too many ingredients, I'm sticking to a stove top method next time. And it scuppered our apre ski party!  Mixed with being unable to find The Teens decent christmas jumpers (yes, yes I know now that I should have gone to primarni or got them earlier). Anyway, our Apre ski night turned into pizza and movie night so, this ones back on the list for next year, but as we attempted it, it's going down as done!

We made mulled apple juice and oh my god was it good!  I do feel it needed a little alcohol so will get some aldi brandy next week to try in it.  It was much nice than the mulled cider we did last year.   We just used 1 1/2 litres apple juice to one bag of mulled wine spice and let it sit for 5 hours.

Well to be honest I couldn't be bothered to make gingerbread cookies and so we just decorated rich teas instead, I always keep these in as it's something T loves to do, so if he needs claiming down for whatever the reason the rich teas and icing pens come out.  Clockwise Kelsey, The Hubs, T & Hayden.

We went for a 'midnight' walk and hunted for christmas lights!  We had lots of fun and this is now our new family tradition, you can read more about this adventure here.

I made some gingerbread play dough for T it was very similar to our hot cross bun play dough, I think next year I'll try and get some brown food colouring to make it a little darker.  I had planned on giving some of these to my nephew and niece but some gingerbread man cutters I ordered didn't arrive and I couldn't get any small enough for what I wanted.

We had a fantastic christmas play date, we made cards, did a craft and pulled crackers, you can read all about it here.

We rocked our christmas clothes this year, my socks and underwear came out at the begining of December, as did T's.  T picked out this jumper for himself and wore it to death!  Even The Hubs got a christmas jumper!

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  1. That looks like a fabby Christmas, such lovely activities. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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