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|CREATE|weekend box club review

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T loves his weekend boxes, he is only just 3 so right at the bottom of the age range for boxes but this doesn't stop him from enjoying them though.
Before I take you through our weekend box, I just want to share a couple of statements I've found on the website which I think say it all really:
'The Weekend Box philosophy is 'Enhancing You and Them time; not replacing it'
Andy Stephenson founded Weekend Box after looking for gift ideas for his four nieces and nephews: nothing seemed to embody the mix of healthy living, green and creative content that he feel is so important to child development so he quit his job and launch Weekend Box - the rest is history!'
As a parent always looking for original, interesting things to do, the weekend box is a wonderful addition to the planned activities I make sure I do with T.  The beauty of the weekend box is the complete surprise when it drops through the door.
I love that you need very few extras to your weekend box in order for you to do the activities, this makes it fantastic to keep for rainy days or holiday's.  The fact that they are 100% Reusable & Recylable really appeals to me, we also try to use our creations to make something else which you see more of below!

T doesn't know when his box is due so it's a lovely surprise for him and a for a few days after he always asks if he has one in the post box!
So onto our 'Aztec Box' grand un-opening
The packages in this photo are not from the Aztec box, T had ripped them open and was in there before I had a chance to take a photo! 
Each box contains:
4 project bags
4 project cards
4 completion stickers
1 certificate
1 finished sticker
Here are the 4 project cards from our Aztec box, they give clear, precise instructions, and our 13 year old loves helping his younger brother without any additional help from us. 
The first thing that happens when our box arrives is T rushes into the living room and asks me to open the box - he knows that he shouldn't rip it open because I don't want him to rip the certificate and sometimes there are additional things on the lid so I don't want him damaging that.

Once the box is open, T passes a project card to me whilst he opens the same colour bag, I then have to call out the things needed and T 'checks' them off the list, yes he really does shout 'check' for everything!

Inside the box are 4 project completion stickers and 1 finished sticker, T loves sticking on his stickers as each project is finished.

We've never actually coloured in the certificate, but inside the packaging is a certificate which can be coloured and cut out.
Well that's an overview of what to expect from your box, here are the projects from the Aztec Box.

The Aztec mosaic coaster was the first project we did, the project bag contained foam sheets & pieces of paper.  This project called for patterns to be made on the pieces of paper, T didn't quite get this, and his cutting skills aren't that great yet so I cut some squares and triangles for him to stick down, which he really liked to do.
The next project pack was for Aztec hot chocolate, the bag contained some spice mix and sweet mix and called for mixing chocolate with boiling water and milk.  We actually didn't have any chocolate so I used regular hot chocolate mix and added in the spices, we extended this activity by smelling and tasting the spices before hand and talking about what they were (I'm sure there was nutmeg and cinnamon in there!) and I showed T what they looked like before they had been ground.

The Aztec parrot's were a huge hit, the bag contained googly eyes, paint, feathers and coloured paper although we used ready mixed paints for this one.  We each painted our loo rolls and whilst waiting for them to dry we looked up a bird mentioned on the project card, a Quetzal we found pictures of it on the Internet and talked about it being endangered. 

When our loo rolls were dry we added feather and googly eyes, T then cut the beaks and we stuck them on, I glued on my feathers first, and as you can see T copied when I put my feathers exactly! 

He is very proud of his parrots!

Finally we made Aztec pattern prints, in the bag were, paint & brush, coloured paper and string.  T didn't really get this one to begin with so I created the pattern 'stamps'.

Once they were dry T was very keen to add his paint and start stamping!  We used ready mixed paints for this one again.

We made lots of pictures, T even took one of the stamps into nursery for 'show and tell' and some of his friends had a go.
To extend this activity we cut up the pictures and stuck them to blank cards to make thank you cards for T's birthday presents.

Weekend Boxes are £7.50 each, you can order your first box free by using the link below:

you can subscribe to fortnightly or monthly boxes.
I'm sure you've guessed, I really love this idea and the projects have been very popular with T and his older brother!
Apologies for such a long post, I weekend boxes are something I really do feel passionate about and as such I wanted to make sure that I covered as much as I could.
Disclaimer: I am an existing subscriber but was given a complimentary box in return for this honest review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I have seen this idea on social media and think it is such a good one! My twins would love this! T looks like he had fun! Thanks for sharing on #sundaystars Jess x


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