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|CREATE|pizza in a tin

I've been looking for a few 'busy bag' ideas for T for when we're out and about.  T loves pizza and so I thought he might like this 'pizza in a tin'
The colours aren't great I'm afraid, I was determined to use what I had instead of buying more supplies.

I started by cutting a circle of brown felt and the same size in red, I cut the red to resemble tomato sauce.

I cut around a 2p to make pepperoni!

Using a bingo dabber, I tried to make the brown felt look a little more like pepperoni, it sort of works ;)

I didn't have any yellow felt for pineapple so I used some white and coloured it by watering down some ready-mixed paint, this worked really well!
I cut out various shapes, onion slices, ham & tiny bit of cheese.


I wrapped the sweet tin with washi tape and then drew a picture of a pizza (well it's supposed to be a pizza anyway!) which I stuck on the top of the tin.  And that's it, everything fits neatly inside for us to make pizza!  We have been counting the toppings and talking about which we like and dislike, we even played restaurants.
I've joined the #craftingprompt with letthembesmall.com for this activity.
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  1. this is brilliant! What an inventive idea. I can't wait until my two are a little older to really get into stuff like this xx
    thanks for joining my craftingprompt again xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm sure you'll have loads of lovely things to do with your littles as they grow.



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