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|CREATE|monster scarer wand, outdoor craft session

Probably because of too much scooby doo, but at the moment T has a bit of an obsession about there being monsters in his bedroom, because we are finally trying to crack his poor sleeping habits I knew that I had to address this particular issue and so today we've made a 'monster scarer wand' this wand has very special powers and no self-respecting monster wants to be about when a boy is brandishing his weapon!  Well, that's the theory anyway, we give it a good old jingle round his his room to scare off the monsters, and go to bed, T thought that this was fab and so I'm hoping it will help with the 2am wake-up looking for 'the monster that woke me up!'

The best part about a 'monster scarer wand'?  You have to make it outside for it to work!  Crafting outdoors went down really well until he'd had enough of the wind and announced 'is it done now I'm freezing' :)

I put our supplies onto a tray to move easily outside.  We had a wander round the garden to find a suitable stick, it is very important that T chose the stick himself as he will be the new owner of the wand.

We coloured the stick with pink and orange paint and added some green glitter, all colours chosen by T himself.

Then we added some tiny bells at the top of the wand, held on in place with ribbon, and attached 2 glow in the dark stars, so T can see his wand in the night.

It was really nice getting outside to do an activity, we do it a lot in the summer, but haven't done it in the winter before (although it's very mild here so more like fresh spring!)

I hope that this works if not I might have to resort to the 'monster spray' method which I want to avoid due to the house being covered in water!

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  1. What an inspired idea! I'd love to know how you got on with your monster wand. did it scare away the monsters and give you all a good night? Outdoor crafts are great fun, the mess matters less so the crafts are enjoyed more. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids and do let me know how T got on.

    1. Thanks Fiona, so far so good, he has his stick next to his bed and has not needed it yet, I think just knowing it's there helps. Looking forward to more crafting outdoors as we really enjoyed it. thanks for hosting #countrykids I do love it. x


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