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|ACHIEVE|weekly update

This week I'm concentrating on taking small steps towards the personal goals I set out in my personal goals for 2015.  I'm mostly working towards my wellbeing and household goals, I'll be back next week with a progress report ;) wish me luck!

1. Drink more water
2. Wear make-up more - make an effort
3. Create a capsule work wardrobe - and stick to it
4. Avoid snacks
5. No alcohol
6. Don't use the lifts at work
7. Loose 1lb per week
8. Take vitamins

1. Only work the hours I'm paid, make sure I don't work through lunch or after work.
2. Have 30 mins 'me time' a day to pamper, read, craft etc

1. Create a meal plan each week
2. Keep house tidier, start by keeping downstairs neat at all times.
3. Make packed lunches all week

Each week in 2015 I'm joining the #weeklywishes link party over at thenectarcollective.com to achieve my goals.

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I am also joining the personal goals linky over at 3princesses1dude.blogspot.co.uk

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This is also my #thelist over at Mums days and you baby me mummy

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  1. Good luck! I used to drink so much water when at work now I'm terrible. I got my vitamins too but always forget to take them!!

    1. I'm getting better Beth, it's becoming quite normal for me to drink water now :) hopefully I'll stick to it! x

  2. This is sooo similar to my wishes for 2015! We can do it :D

    Thanks for linking up lovely. #TheList xxx

    1. Ooooh yes we will :)

      Thanks Hannah, love the linky x


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