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|ACHIEVE|personal goals 2015

Bring cholesterol down to under 5 before 1 March
Aim to donate blood again in 2015
Loose 1/2 stone by 1 March
Get my bob back by 1 March
Start to eat clean
Don't use the lifts at work!
Read at least 10 books
Plan better
Only work for the hours I'm paid
Meal plan better
Aim to have less food waste
Keep house tidier
Make more packed lunches

Spend time on activities with T
Make good use of family time
Get rid of T's bottle (I know, I know this should have happened long ago!)
Get T sleeping better

I also have a list of blog goals to achieve during 2015, which can be found here.

I'm feeling really motivated and can't wait to start filling in some progress on my goal tracker sheet!  I'll be linking a downloadable version for you to use next week.

What goals do you have?  How do you track progress on yours?  For me it's vital to see a written down representation of my achievements to keep up my momentum.

Each week in 2015 I'm joining the #weeklywishes link party over at thenectarcollective.com to achieve my goals.

The Nectar Collective

I am also joining the personal goals linky over at 3princesses1dude.blogspot.co.uk

Personal Goals 2015

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  1. Good luck with your goals, they sound very healthy! I'm a bit jealous, I haven't decided on my health goals yet. Happy New Year :)


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