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|FUN|spiderman birthday party

Last week T celebrated his 3rd birthday, we hosted a little birthday party for him to celebrate, back in the summer, T chose Spiderman as his theme, he said he wanted a Spiderman 'room' this year!

(photo above courtesy of Party Pieces)
Party Pieces kindly provided us with the Ultimate Party Kit for 16 guests £21.99, in return for a review. This kit includes:
• 16 x Spiderman plates
• 16 x Spiderman cups
• 20 x Spiderman napkins
• 1 x Spiderman tablecover
• 1 x Spiderman bunting
• 8 x Spiderman party balloons
• 10 x blue party balloons
This is a great convenient way of purchasing tableware, and at really good value.
The tableware is very high quality, the plates are nice and thick which meant that the children could walk away from the buffet table without the risk of their plates collapsing on them, which as a mum is very important :)  the napkins also managed to pass my 'wet fingers' test which means that they do not disintegrate into a mush when in contact with a little liquid, another important factor at a child's birthday party!
I also purchased another tablecover which I used over the patio doors as a wall hanging!
The bunting is lovely with 9 pennants hanging from lightweight plastic, which makes it perfect for hanging with washi tape, great for staying in place when you want it to, but also makes for easy removal.
 (photo above courtesy of Party Pieces)
How fantastic is this party banner???  It's made of really good quality vinyl, the eyelets are nice and big and far enough away from the edge to prevent tearing, which makes it ideal to be hung outdoors, the colours are really bright and vibrant, overall for £9.99 this is a real bargain!  The banner can be personalised with both name and age for this price, amazing value for money in my opinion for such a great product.

I also purchased a helium balloon canister, I've been looking at these for a while and decided to finally get one this year.
We used the balloons in the party kit, this thing is wonderful!  Why on earth didn't I get one before???  They are so easy to use, balloons literally take seconds to blow up.  The helium lasted about 2 days latex balloons, I'm not sure how long it lasts in foil balloons, because I ordered one from eBay and when I received it, it was 60!!!  (NOTE TO SELF: buy from Party Pieces in the future!)

I really pleased with how these drink bottles turned out, they are just made from wrapping paper cut into strips and wrapped round, I love them!

Of course, we had to have party bags!  In our bags were:
Bubbles - Party Pieces, 69p each
(I actually purchased ours from http://brandskidslove.co.uk/ a great party supply company local to me)
Spider chocolate - Party Pieces £2.79 for 4
Spiderman candy lights - Party Pieces 99p each
Spiderman activity pack (pencil, activity book, stickers, sticker sheet) - Tesco £4.00 for 4 sets
Little tip for you here, even if you have a big cake, make a co-ordinating cupcake to put the candles on (use a number candle if there would be too many individual) I lovingly refer to this cake at the 'spit cake' ;) anyone with little children know that they can't just blow out the candles once, and then all their friends want a turn to - who wants to eat the cake after that!!!!!!

 Finally, whatever you do, don't have 'winning' games for under 5's, we all know it will end in a complete meltdown, we had a couple of dancing games, musical statues, dancing competition and pin the head on spiderman (sorry didn't get a photo!) a piñata is another great idea.  Everyone won my games, including 91 year old Great-Grandma and I used sweets as prizes, that way it's cheap to hand out freely and you can save money on prizes and use for party bags or your back pocket! 
On a final note, I did want to say that I have used Party Pieces for years (for The Teens) and they are a company I highly recommend, I've never had a problem with an order, orders are despatched quickly and with reasonable charges.  The staff I've had dealings with are also incredibly friendly and very professional, if you've never tried them, I'd highly recommend it for your next party or even just playdate supplies.
Tableware and banner supplied free of charge from Party Pieces for purposes of an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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