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|FUN|Polar express Boo Bag

I'm really enjoying putting together these little bags, this book is new to us (secondhand) but I will sometimes be using books/games we already have.

With the addition of a treat, some themed colouring pages and a simple craft, these make great activity bags to take to a relatives or take on a journey etc.  I do plan on having a couple all packed and ready and just need a book or game thrown in, for when he needs a little quiet time.  A little like an older child's 'busy bag'.  Or just for pulling out when some quiet time is needed, I can see a lot of those sort of times being called for over christmas!

Boo Bag contents:-
The Polar Express Book
Colouring pages
Bell craft
Sachet hot chocolate

I like to pop the craft into a small bag, just a little extra surprise to open!  T loves opening his weekend boxes, the most exciting part for him is to open all the bags and see what's inside!

The bell craft for this Boo Bag was super simple!  Just 3 items, a tag, ribbon and a bell, nothing else needed for this one. 

Simply tie the ribbon on the bell and add the tag, T's attention span is shocking at the moment so for him to be able to do this in minutes, then move on to the next thing in the bag went down really well.

T placed our bell on the christmas tree, I'm hoping as he becomes more familiar with the book we can talk about what the bell means and what it means to 'believe'.

After the bell craft, we coloured in the bell colouring page, we didn't move onto the writing practice or colouring in the conductor page.

When it was time for bed, T drank his hot chocolate with Daddy and The Hubs read him the story.  The Polar Express is new to all of us, so it was lovely to be able to all enjoy it together (spoiler alert - this is the film for our christmas box this year!)

If you'd like to put together a bag like this a copy of my bell tag* can be printed here.

I printed a bell colouring page which I found at adayinfirstgrade.com you can print a copy here.

I hope you liked this Boo Bag, if you have any suggestions for one you'd like to see in future, leave me a comment or send me an email.

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  1. This looks great. I've really got into the festive spirit this year with the girls even if they are only 15 months. Xx

  2. This is such a lovely idea! I like this a lot. My twins have definitely started to get into Christmas more this year and would like this! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars and have a wonderful Christmas! Jess x

  3. What a lovely idea, this is. I'm sure your little boy will love it. Thanks for linking to #sundaystars

  4. I love ideas like this - I need to be a bit more organised and have some activities sorted and ready to go with my older two x


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