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|FUN|christmas play date 2014

This week, we hosted our annual Christmas play date, we don't go all out for Christmas as we figure that the kids have enough treats and gifts so the 'goodie bags' are generally more modest and the activities a bit more basic because we've all got lots to do at this time of year!
We invited T's cousins over for the play date, Jack (J) who's 4 1/2 and Molly (M) who's nearly 5.
T wanted to wear his Christmas 'jomper' and hat, so we were all ready to greet his guests.
Our itinerary was:-
Watch film 'Nativity' with popcorn
General play
Have 'indoor picnic' lunch
Decorate gingerbread men
Make Christmas cards
Make Father Christmas tree decorations
Read the Nativity story
After the film and some lunch, we cracked on with the gingerbread men, J was very proud of his creation.

The card making went down very well, especially when I got the 'happy christmas' stamp out!  Thank goodness for stickers it makes Christmas cards so quick and simple, and believe me the boys really need quick and simple.  M would sit all afternoon making if she could!
I found these cute ornaments on pinterest, so we made them (although I forgot the buttons!) for a simple craft using items from our craft stash this was brilliant, just perfect for the boys.

So that rounds up our Christmas play date.  A lovely day was had by all and everyone left with a pencil, card, ornament, blower and gingerbread man.

Can't wait to host our next play date, not sure if it will be snow or valentine... decisions, decisions. ;)


  1. look lots of fun! Cant wait for our playdate...just need everyone's sickness to be gone!

    1. I hope you have lots of fun on your play date. I love our little play dates, might invite some of T's little friends next time, shame we are not closer, as then we could have some (oh and Mummy cocktail play dates too!) xxx

    2. YES! That would be so fun! In the New Year I will definitely try and get down even if just for a ladies who lunch sesh! X


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