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|FUN|buddy our elf - 1-7 December

Our elf, Buddy arrived this week, this is our first full year with buddy and going along with the 'story', our own adapted version not strictly following the book.

Last year I was pretty late on the elf on the shelf scene and I hastily searched eBay, when I saw the price I decided to make my own!  I'm actually pleased that I did now, and have dreams of handing him down to T for him to carry on the tradition with his children!

I've created a very basic pattern if you'd like to make your own felt elf, you will need:-
2 sheets red felt
1 sheet each (or scraps!) white, black & relevant flesh & hair colours
3 12inch pipe cleaners
3 buttons
Red colouring pencil (for cheeks)
Tiny white pom-pom or bell

If you'd like the pattern you can download it here.

To try and enforce the fact that Buddy does come to life we are making sure he flys off to the North Pole before the evening, so far this has been relatively easy as I just pop him in a cupboard or move him when T's not looking! 

So onto Buddy's antics this week. 
1. He arrived down the chimney (to prove it was now ok, we've just had our 3 chimneys rebuilt and T has been very concerned that Father Christmas wouldn't be able to get down!)
2. Buddy was found trapiezing from the light in the living room.
3. He was seen eating chocolate, he'd pinched from T's  snack cupboard. 
4. Buddy decided to go for a ride on batman's quad bike. 
5. This was T's favourite so far, Buddy was swinging from loo roll in the bathroom!
6. I forgot so he was spotted in the cupboard, T didn't suspect a thing - phew!
7. Today Buddy the elf has been stickered!!  This is something we've started doing if we play a game and someone keeps loosing so when I saw an elf covered in stickers I thought it would be perfect!

So that's my elf round-up this week. I'm expecting Buddy to get a little naughtier this week to take some naughtiness away from T.  T received his letter from Father Christmas today which told him he was on the nice list but that buddy would still be watching out!  I'm wondering just how long we can keep this going before a meltdown and then dealing with getting back on the nice list! Ummm off to think about that one! 
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  1. stop the press.....YOU MADE YOUR FLIPPING OWN!?!?!?! oh why cant i be a creative! X

    1. ha ha sure did x thanks for your kind words xxx

  2. I do like the stickering idea - I can see Boo loving that, so will try it! Thanks for sharing with #ElfTakeover, and glad you're enjoying your time with Buddy :)

  3. We have had a bit of fun with the light trapeze this week, Lil G was actually worried that Buddy might be scared. It's so sweet how much they have taken this little tradition on! Lovely roundup #ElfTakeover


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