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|FUN|buddy the elf 8 - 14 December

Buddy the elf continued his fun this week, each day T gets even more excited to find out what he's been getting up to!

So this week, he has...

1.  Drawn in the bath with toothpaste.
2.  Pinched T's chocolate stars.
3.  Climbed up the ladder.
4.  Dressed up as spiderelf.
5.  Got himself stuck in the slow cooker.
6.  Sat in Mummy's christmas mug. 
7.  Went outside and hung from the trellis. 

We also had our first 'touching' issue, of course when Buddy the elf had T's ninja turtle toothpaste, T wanted it and so we had to touch Buddy to re-posses the toothpaste!  So we sprinkled him with magic elf dust to make sure he kept his magic.  Luckily it worked!
We also had to remove the top of the slow cooker just to make sure that he made it out.
The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover


  1. Oh no, not an almost casseroled Buddy?! I'm sure I'd run out of places if we had an elf :s sounds like fun though ;)

  2. Ah, the magic elf dust is inspired! Now, you didn't actually cook him, did you?! Thanks for sharing with #Elftakeover x

  3. Looks like a fun week. I'm pleased the magic elf dust worked, couldn't be having the poor thing losing his magic now could we?x

  4. We nearly had a touching issue, it's amazing how easy it can be to sort it out . #ElfTakeover


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