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|FAMILY|carols on the village green

For the past 7 years on Christmas Eve our village have gathered on the village green to sing Christmas carols, eat mince pies and drink mulled wine.  We've always joined in and it's become a bit of a tradition for us and for the past 3 years T has joined us.

We set off down to the green, which happens to be just at the bottom of our road.  T took along the little christmas lantern we made earlier this month.

This year it took a long time to get started and T was getting a little cold and restless.

The mince pie kept him occupied for a while...

As did the yummy gingerbread someone made this year.

The brasiers were lit, the adults all had a cup of mulled wine and the singing started, we managed about 5 songs before T started saying he was too cold and wanted to run about to keep warm!  We sung a few more songs and then took
T home to warm up and sprinkle his reindeer food all over the front garden.

I'm so pleased that our community do things like this over Christmas, it's important to me that T understands why we really celebrate Christmas and appreciates the true meaning, not just the commercial factor.

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  1. It isn't often you see carol singing these days, how lovely to be in a community where it still takes place. Sounds like there were plenty of treats along the way to keep T going for one more carol! thank you for sharing your evening photos on Country Kids

    1. Thanks Fiona, we do live in a lovely community. x

  2. What a lovely tradition to be part of & thanks for your support of the Outdoor Play Party.

    1. Thank you, yes it is lovely.

      It's a great Link party, glad to have found it :)


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