|#elftakeover|buddy the elf 22 - 24 December | LarabeeUK

|#elftakeover|buddy the elf 22 - 24 December

Buddy has left the building, well he's actually in a bag waiting to be repaired before being put in the loft in my pre-christmas box!

Anyway, his final 3 escapades were goodies and went down well.

1. Buddy took a shower, I sent T into the shower room to get undressed and he just squealed, and he couldn't have a shower because Buddy was in there, which he liked very much!

2. Buddy put googly eyes into T's photo, this one took a bit of finding as the photo is on the stairs and T just kept missing it all the time, but thought it was hilarious when he saw it.

3. Finally on Christmas Eve, Buddy bid us adieu, T woke up christmas morning with a little red glitter in his bed which was strange (edible - just in case he got any in his mouth) later on, Buddy sent T the photo below by text, and T realised that the glitter in his bed was the magic elf dust Buddy must have sprinkled when taking the photo as he got to close.  I love how T remembered about the magic elf dust!

I plan to print a copy of this photo and pop it in a little frame and post it to T from Buddy, I'm hoping that it will be a reminder that he needs to be good for the coming year.  Yeah right, who am I trying to kid, I know that won't happen, but it will be quite cute!

Bye bye Buddy, you will be missed! X

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