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|CREATE|The Snowman Boo Bag

 Here's our 'The Snowman' themed Boo bag, I got the inspiration for these smaller versions of our Boo boxes from Vicky over at singlemotherahoy.com Vicky's nursery gave her daughter 2 bags to take home for the holidays, they included printables from Twinkl, a book and toy to go with the theme.  I loved them!

I do not have a Twinkl membership and almost everything I want to use needs membership rather than just the freebie, but I didn't let that stop me!  I did a quick google search for free printables and managed to find a colouring page.  I do plan to join Twinkl at some stage, maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday :)

I purchased these calico bags way back never knowing what to do with them!  I did think about putting a transfer on them, but realised that it was silly to do this and a tag is far more practical and re-usable.

I created a tag for our bag and filled it with goodies, enough goodies for a good afternoon's worth of play.

Enclosed was:
1 Picture to colour
2 The Snowman book
3. Father Christmas book also by Raymond Briggs
4. Supplies for a snowman recycling project

We started off with making the snowman.

If you remove the plastic wrap from a maltesers or galaxy hot chocolate jar, it looks just like a snowman, I've been thinking this since about March this year and waiting all year long to make this craft - that's really difficult when it's 100% your own as you want to shout all about it, believe me!

Anyway, back to the project.

I'd already cut out all the little bits, hat and ribbon, so all T had to do was to assemble with a little help.

As you can see, he did a sterling job!

We plan to fill our snowman with chocolates, this is something which would be really easy to make as a teacher gift and we may even make some for T's nursery keyworkers.

After our snowman was made, we did some colouring and finished with both stories.

I really liked having a bag to bring out when T needed a little chillout time and it definitely was a nice transition into the evening.  I'm considering creating a couple just to keep when he needs some time to sit and relax instead of running around like something possessed!

I hope you liked our little Boo bag, we've got a 'Polar Express' themed post coming up soon, which I'm really enjoying putting together!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They really are simple to make and its a good excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate! x

  2. aw that's lovely, such a great idea x

    1. thanks so much, I'm so pleased with how he turned out :)

      Thanks for stopping by, appreciate your kind comment x

  3. What a great idea! The snowman is so cute :)

  4. WHta a great ide! That snowman is fab :) love the idea of having ti all in a bag to bring out at the right moment, very organised! xx #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  5. I love the snowman idea! We shall definitely try this one next Christmas, the idea of a teachers gift is fabulous and my eldest twill need that next year when she is at big scool *gulp* #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  6. The snowman looks ace! What a great idea. It's good to see lots of recycling too.


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