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|FUN|sink or float activity

When in the bath during the week, T started to talk about objects sinking or swimming. So we went all through his bath toys to establish which ones floated and which sunk. I hadn't realised that he knew exactly what this meant so was quite chuffed that nursery had thought him this. 
I realised it was time for us to do some sink or float activities of our own!

This is a perfect outdoor activity for a not too cold day, we were outside in just our jumpers, well actually T was still in his pj's and insisted on wearing his apron!
We filled a tub of water and had a wander round the garden to collect objects for our experiment. 
With an additional few things from inside we had the following:-
1. Nuts
2. Leaf
3. Pine cone
4. Stick
5. Apple
6. Satsuma
7. Cork
8. Pebble
9. Hay
10. Chick peas
11. Pine branch
12. Bit of wood
13. Carrot
14. Corn
15. Toy duck
16. Dried pasta

On the paving slabs I marked out 'sink' & 'float' and T went through our objects making predictions!!  He was only wrong on a couple and did really well. 

We really loved this activity, T could show me what he'd learned at nursery and I loved watching him take the lead as he knew what he was doing. 
We'll extend this as he grows by talking about weight & mass, we'll plot and record our finding, probably in the form of a graph. And we'll discuss our predictions to explain why we think they'll sink or float.
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  1. I love this activity. I'm pinning it for one of our activity hour ideas in the future. A great idea and fun too. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids


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