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|FUN|food colouring hair gel & spotty t-shirt

This week, nursery are running special days to raise money for children in need.
Mon - bad hair day
Tues - wear spotty T-shirt or socks day
Wed - pj and teddy bears picnic 
Thurs - come dressed as a superhero day
Fri - bring a toy to nursery day

I only found out about this Friday and was busy over the weekend so didn't manage to get out to get any spray hair colour (although now on the lookout in the ££££ shops!) I knew I'd seen a pin about using food colouring, most of the suggest applying it with mousse and letting it dry to intensify colour.

I opted to go straight in with the cheapo gel and gel food colouring.

I mixed 2 tbsp gel with a whole tub of gel, the colour would not intensify - probably would have with mousse (which is why everyone uses that!)

I styled T's hair into a kind of Mohawk, I'm glad I left his hair a little longer for this!

The colour wasn't fantastic, but there was a tinge of colour and he was chuffed to bits, none transferred to his pillow for his nap and it was out with ease.

On Tuesday we had a spotty dilemma, because I'd not been anywhere to look for a spotty t-shirt I was thinking about customising a plain one with a bingo dabber, but that seemed a little too radical so in the end I used some stickers and added them all over T's t-shirt.  Of course he thought this was great and we had a spotty T-shirt. I've made a mental note to buy a spotty children in need t-shirt, I'm sure he'll get some use out of it.

I've had to come up with an outfit at the last minute before and came up with this Willy wonka t-shirt for Charlie and the chocolate factory day!

Have you ever had to improvise like this?  I'd love to hear or leave me a link to a blog post!


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