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|FUN|collecting pinecones

OK so today's activity was thwarted by a broken oven (all will become apparent soon!)  Let's just consider this post as part 1 shall we??
We spent some time out in the garden today collecting pine cones to make into decorations for our new Christmas tree.
We're fortunate enough to have a small pine in the garden and so out we went and collected up the ones which had fallen, this is a great activity whether you have a tree in your garden or not!

Our intention was to dry these in the oven and then do a craft with them, but as this couldn't happen we'll leave this post here and give you another when the oven is fixed!
Thanks for reading, Lx
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What a shame that your oven's broken at this time of year, I hope you can get it sorted before Christmas! Did you try drying your pine cones in the airing cupboard? May take a little longer but would still enable you to finish your craft. You son looks like he's enjoying his outdoors time collecting the pine cones and I look forward to seeing your craft once you've managed to dry the pine cones out. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully oven should be fixed tomorrow, sadly we don't have an airing cupboard so we are trying the radiators for now :)


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