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|CAPTURE|weekly round-up

- I'm learning loads about trying to get this business up and running
- learning about blog design
- learning to play and have more fun
- T is learning all the time at the moment, to draw proper pictures, to write his name, to be patient.

Although it goes against my aim for 300 blog posts for 2014, I've decided that rather than do a number of individual posts at the weekend, for the linky's I wish to join I'll do just one post called 'weekly round-up'.
Whilst it would help towards my goal, repetitive blog posts are just not what I want LarabeeUK to be about and I'm struggling to get it right so I figured this way I could still join in without trying hard not to repeat myself in posts of a similar nature and stress myself out in the process.
I'll still be posting in a list format as I've found that really useful since joining in with The List linky, I especially find the blogging and social media section helpful to keep me focused and remind me of good and not so good weeks.
I don't think I'm breaking any of the rules for the linky's I'd like to participate in, but if I am please do let me know x.
So, welcome to my first 'weekly round-up'

Blog and Social Media
- lots going on for campaigns and assignments
   > 3 closed this week & I managed to hit deadlines Yay!
   > approached to join 2, which I've decided not to pursue
   > signed up for 2 more
   > 3 WIP
- working on christmas posts now, which is actually helping to get me organised!
- my most popular post this week was one telling the story of our wedding in Antigua
- still need to work on my blog planner, after bragging last week planning this week wasn't great and missed a couple of posts this week, I do like to see this though as it does prove the theory.  
- Need to create planner forms to manage campaigns.
- working on a new year facelift for the blog, the current design (or non-existant 'design') was only temporary but I've never really changed it.
- I'm getting loads and loads more twitter followers which is fantastic, thank you so much!
- I'm begining to understand social media now, it's taken a while but I think the penny is finally starting to drop!
Me and business
- I've taken the plunge about a small business I'd like to start, currently working on logo, advertising etc etc this will run alongside LarabeeUK as a little commercial venture.
- interview next Wednesday now...
- caught up with #postcircle letters, finally!
T - Mummy, why does that lady have a beard?
Me - (Whispered in his ear) That's not a lady, that's a man, stop being silly & rude.
T - (At the top of his voice, in the supermarket) Mummy, why does that man look like a lady?
He didn't, he was a very tall, very obvious man with dreadlocks, who I might add took this particularly well and just waved his dreadlocks at T and made him laugh.

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  1. I do love how kids can get away with saying what they want, and it's us who feel the embarrassment! Sounds like you're getting organised, with lots of plans going on behind the scenes, to. Yes, learning's a good word for your week! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


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