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|BRING BACK PAPER|papery peep october

Wow!  I can't believe that it's that time already, I've spent a lot of time reading this month, lots of nights where sleep has been elusive and I've turned to reading to try to prevent my mind dwelling on the loss of my Grandpa. 

Reading itself though is a huge reminder of my Grandpa, he is definitely my inspiration for my love of books and reading.   We used to regularly read the same book at the same time and then discuss it, in hindsight like a mini reading group.  This stopped a few years ago when books/audio books could no longer hold his attention, he still however, always asked me what I'd been reading right up to the last time I saw him.  The sort of books I've been reading recently wouldn't have interested him in the slightest but he still asked and wanted to hear about them.  His favourites being Jeffrey Dever, James Herbert and John Grisham, he loved it when I went on holiday and had loads of books to tell him about when I returned.

I'm going to make a concerted effort to read from now on, it's something I love, there's nothing quite like getting lost in a book and looking at the clock and realising that a couple of hours have passed.

I've joined in with #30daysofpaper with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence I'm really looking forward to this, I loved joining in with the August challenge and it's one of the only challenges I've actually managed to complete.


This past Wednesday was the #bringbackpaper twitter party hosted by Jocelyn, I loved participating in this and smiled at almost every conversation, it's really reminded me how much I love all things paper!

It's no secret how much I love stationery, even though I am a rubbish penpal (working on that one!) so you can imagine how chuffed I was when Minted.com contacted me and asked me to put together a 'wish list' of products from their website in return for a credit to spend.

Oggle at stationery?  Create a wish list?  Get to buy stuff free?  It all seemed too good to be true.

There really are some beautiful products over at minted.com but I've got to be honest, way out of my price range! 

Never-the-less I've chosen these 10 items in my wish list:-

I love this table runner and co-ordinating table confetti, I would use this for a really sophisticated New Years Eve meal, you know, the sort of thing we used to do before having children? Runner $28 & Confetti $27

This superhero bunting is really cute, I'm not 100% sure about adding a photo myself, but I do really like it $28
I think this notepaper is absolutely adorable, I'd love some of this to send to my penpals. $35 for 15

There are some gorgeous art prints on the minted website.  These 2 are my particular favourites $20 7" x 5"

These business cards are my absolute favourite $30 for 25 and these skinny wrap address labels are genius! $18 for 25

Stunning vintage inspired wrapping paper is my next choice this is $15 for 5 sheets and finally, I've chosen this lovely greeting card $5.99

Our Kids sticker swap was a great success, it was a small group of people but everyone seemed really enthusiastic about it.  I'm currently working on details of a Christmas kid sticker swap & a couple of small competitions, if you are interested in joining in the details will be on our facebook group which you can join here and over on Instagram and Twitter.

Thomas loved helping to put together our sticker packs and receiving his own.

I've been using my planner loads again recently, I've started to decorate it a bit too, I'm not sure if I'll continue but it's adding a few little things here and there to pretty it up a bit.

My blogging has also been helped this month by keeping up with my blog planner and making sure that I use that regularly, I know it helps but sometimes I just need to put that plan into action to remember.

Well that's about it from me this month.  I can't wait to check out this month's linky and what you've been up to.



  1. Hi there, sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa but looking forward to seeing what you share on Instagram this month x

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much. Likewise! I do love this challenge. x

  2. That is a serious month of papery delights! So pleased you enjoyed the Twitter party and are joining in with #30DaysOfPaper, too. And what a lovely way to feel close to your grandpa, too, through books. I wrote a Minted post recently, too - too much gorgeousness there! Thanks for joining in and sharing with #PaperyPeep

    1. Thanks Jocelyn x I missed your minted post, just read it now, it's seriously difficult not to get lost in the loveliness of it all ;)


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