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|#THELIST|4 October

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- my blogging buddy 3princessesand1dude and I have joined together for a new toddler linky, #toddlerapprovedtuesday will be up each Tuesday, link up with your recipes, activities, toys, games...anything that you find your toddlers love! Thank you so much for asking me Becky.
- The blog has really suffered this week, I'm currently trying to think of ways I can speed up the blogging process so I can still keep up with even less time to spend on posts, siri may become my best friend for getting posts drafted whilst driving and I'll probably be blogging on the commute to work.  Any other advise or tips will be very much appreciated!
- My most popular post this week was this smothered pork chops recipe

- our kids sticker swap closed this week, I've loved organising it and cannot wait until people start receiving their packages.
- My Grandpa is very poorly in hospital.

- T's parents evening this week, he's going to move up to the pre-school room (hedgehogs) in November, he's starting settling in days next week.

- T loved receiving a fantastic parcel from 3princessesand1dude this week, he was so excited.  We're now on the look out for goodies to send back!


- We have no chimney! Our adjoining neighbours needed to re-build their side so he's knocked down all 6 chimneys.  I'm really looking forward to some lovely cosy evenings in front of the fire when it's all done.
- trying spend a bit of me time this month, I've got a list of 31 'me time' things I'd like to do for myself this month.  This is going quite well so far.

- Still being a terrible penpal, I promise to get some letters out this week ladies!

- I'm shopping for our kids sticker swap & a couple of Halloween swaps I'm participating in.
- Here's the biggie... I've applied for a new job, same company but it would be a huge payrise eeeeeek!
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  1. Good luck with the application for the new job!



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