|#thelist|20 October | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|20 October

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- Well my hosting of #toddlerapprovedtuesday got 10 unique links and 2 hashtags in Instagram, so I'm pleased as punch, my blog stats were also up by 72% this week!  Thank you so much if you linked in.  I managed to keep up with commenting, pinning, reposting and trying to drum up new links, I was worried I'd struggle this week, next time be a lot easier!  Thank you also to Becky who asked me to co-host with her.

- A great blogging week this week, mostly due to the extra exposure from #toddlerapprovedtuesday my monthly theme is a little quiet but I purposely chose a more flexible theme for this month knowing how busy I am with work in October.

- After my #toddlerapprovedtuesday post my most popular post this week were my homemade window clings, this was the post I linked to!

sticker swap is doing well, I've created an invite only Facebook 'event' for us to share photos etc not sure it's 100% the best way to do it but seems to be working for now, I also created a LarabeeUK Facebook page after reading Hannah's post last week, that's as far as I got but it's a start!

- I'm very pleased to be joining in with Becky's Blog Stars Little Stars.

- I've received 3 review assignments this week, so things in that area are finally ramping up!

- T has been invited to 2 birthday parties!

- Ordered T's nursery christmas cards

- The Hubs worked all last weekend in London and was there again Thursday.

- T and I decorated for Halloween.

- Must plan K's birthday for next Saturday and sort everything out for her murder mystery party.

- Renewal weekend this weekend, working Friday & Saturday.

- Will be glad to get back to a bit of normality next week!

- Had 0 lunch breaks this week again.

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  1. 0 lunch breaks sucks :( So glad your blog is picking up some pace 72% is amazing! You deserve it lovey X

  2. You need your lunch breaks! It sounds like your blog is really doing well, congratulations! Thanks so much for linking to #TheList x


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