|#The list|24 October | LarabeeUK

|#The list|24 October

Blog/social media
- too much work last weekend got in the way of my blog plans this week, never mind onwards and upwards!
- been working on the larabeeuk Facebook page, will be continuing this over the next week, promotion, promotion, promotion!
- signed up for some more promotions and campaigns.
- generally wishing I could blog full time but sadly not an option, so enjoying it for what it is, a hobby.

- #toddlerapprovedtuesday did really well this week

- when I realised I wouldn't be able to blog last weekend, I tested out scheduling some tweets for some old/existing blog posts, definitely successful just need to get the regularity etc right, will be working on this one.

- this weeks most popular blog post was baked pumpkin with cream an old post and one which I was playing about with on twitter over the weekend.
- Grandpa's funeral Wenesday, so glad that's over, time to move on now and remember the good times.
- Kelsey's 16th birthday on 25th, wow where did those 10 years go? We're postponing the murder mystery for a couple of weeks due to recent events, none of us really feel like it.  She's having Dad-Daughter dates tomorrow and Sunday.
- T had 'Greece' day at nursery Thursday.
- The Hubs worked in Cardiff Monday, think he clocked up 350 miles round trip, another 5am start for us all, not good.
- I actually coloured my hair - first time in about 15 years, worked out ok!
- got whistled at on Wednesday before funeral, I'll take that!  Cheered me up a bit to know I'm not a complete frump, had to check with The Hubs that it wasn't him though ;)

- thinking about starting slimmingworld to lose half a stone before Christmas, bought a mag, next weeks meal plan should be slimmingworld friendly!
- interview was postponed until next Thursday, just want it over with now!!!

- managed a couple of lunches this week, Yay!!
- work over the weekend turned into a lot more than expected, and am unexpected sleepover for T.
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