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|FUN|I live here globe craft

For our around the world month I wanted to make a little craft to represent to T the world and where we live in respect to it, this was to be used for our around the world month logo.
We used a side plate to draw make a blue circle.
We then used green tissue paper to make the land - ok so it's probably not too geographically correct, but it's ok enough for T.
Once the world was made we drew around T's hands and covered them with glue, we then sprinkled lots of glitter on.  My friend Becky commented that they looked like Michael Jackson's gloves - had to have a good old giggle at that, they really do!
The next day I cut out the hands and we stuck them on the world.
We then made a little flag saying 'I live here' and stuck it where we sort of thought the UK was!!!
This month we are learning all about other countries around the world, how they affect us, how we interact with them and just general awareness of other cultures.  You can follow all of our posts on twitter and instagram using #booboxaroundtheworld and our 'Kids stuff - around the world' pinterest board contains lots of ideas from other people.

If you have a post or activity you'd like us to feature, email me or comment and I'll be in touch, we'd particularly love to have some features from other cultures.

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