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|FUN|firework playdough

We've started a few little firework activities in preparation for bonfire night next week, the first on the list is a little firework play dough invitation and play mat.

I made some play dough using the recipe on our hot cross bun play dough post.  I've been making quite a lot of play dough recently and have a couple of tips which do make for a much better play dough consistency.

1. Make sure that you add your water to your food colouring if using liquid colouring, don't add your 3/4 cup of water, then your food colouring as it will become too wet.  If using paste, dilute that in the 3/4 cup of water before adding to the dry ingredients, this will lead to better colour distribution.

2. Sieve your dry ingredients, it's much easier to create a smooth dough if your dry ingredients are not lumpy in the first place.

3. Mix your dry and wet ingredients before you add heat, if you see the picture above, you are looking for that kind of consistency.  I found that, it came together in a good dough without catching the bottom of the pan.

I made up some little paly dough boxes for a couple of my friends children.

Ok so back to the activity, we used a laminated 'rainbow mat' that I created, to make a night sky all ready for our fireworks!

If you'd like to print your own rainbow mat you can download ours here.

I rolled out the play dough onto the rainbow mat and trimmed around the edges.

I laid it out for T to play with, we used mini glitter pom-poms, small heart cutters, some pipecleaners and some star confetti.  We used some food picks to scratch shapes in the play dough.

We managed to cut out some star 'fireworks' with the cutters.

We also used the food picks to draw shapes in the play dough, T did struggle with this a bit because the play dough did give a bit of resistance and you needed to be a bit more precise than he was able to be, an older child would probably find this easier.

The pipecleaners made great sparklers and added to the stars made great shooting stars.

We loved our little firework play dough invitation.

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