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|FAMILY|summer bucket list - round up

It seems so long ago now that I wasn't going to bother with a round up, but experience tells me that I'll regret that, so I'm doing it now.

We had a fabulous summer here in the UK and managed to get out and enjoy it more than ever,  T played out on the patio most days, he still would if I'd leave the doors open, but it's getting too chilly.

Our list was very ambitious but we managed to easily achieve 9 items crossed off the list and 3 more attempts!

1. Have a water fight
During our staycation week the boys had water fights every day!  T & J also had a water fight with these water balloons one day when we were looking after him, I was too busy avoiding them I didn't get any photo's!


2. Make elderflower champagne
The elderflower champagne was a fantastic success, I've still got a couple of bottles left.  It's a shame it's not a little more alcoholic, but it is really lovely and I will definitely make this again.

3. Have an outdoor movie night
This was a bit of an impromptu movie night, rather than the one I had planned, high wind put pay to my original plans.  As with most of our bucket list activities, I try to do them on the weekends we have The Teens so the whole family can enjoy it, however, this does cut our opportunities in half!  Really glad we got this one in, but next year it will be on the projector.

5. Paddle in the sea
This is one which we didn't quite achieve but we got close enough, sadly The Teens couldn't make this one with us, next year, though we will go rock pooling and they will come too.

11. Make fake tan tattoo's
Well, where do I start with this one, EPIC FAIL springs to mind!  I'd seen suntan tattoo's on pinterest and thought I could easily re-create similar effects using fake tan, after a quick search (to see if this was an original idea!) I found no pins for fake tan tattoo's, this is actually because it doesn't work, not because no-one else had thought of it! I tried 4 methods I could think of then gave up! 

On pinterest I'd seen pinners draw a heart on using suntan lotion obviously this wasn't going to work for my version.

First I stuck a craft outline sticker on and sprayed over it, not sure what happened but the fake tan got right underneath.

Then I tried drawing something which slightly resembled a henna tattoo using glossy accents glue, once dry I sprayed on some fake tan, I couldn't get a good enough contrast on this one.

Then I went back to the original pinterest idea and drew a heart using body lotion, then sprayed fake tan, nothing happened on this one!

Finally, I cut out some small hearts and using Vaseline attached them, then sprayed, this was the most successful, but it did just look like badly applied fake tan once dried.

So the moral of this tale is... if you have a fantastic idea and search pinterest for it's originality, don't automatically assume that no-one else has thought of it ;)


12. Make a bug hotel
This was my favourite create of the summer!  Loved making this, nothing has moved in yet - apart from a couple of spiders, but I'm hopeful and I think it looks really cute so I don't really mind if nothing moves in.

13. Go and pick our own fruit and make jam
Where did all the PYO's go???  I can't believe that over the past 10 years or so, there are absolutely none left in our area!  I am determined to find one for next year, even if we have to go on a bit of a road trip to find one.  As a plan B I thought we could go blackberry picking and make some blackberry jam, but sadly we were a bit late and the birds/insects got most of them!  We tried but failed on this one :(  Will remain on the list for next year.

15. Sit and read in the garden once a week
I'm not sure we actually managed once a week, but we certainly spent more time in the garden, in general, The Hubs and I got some good evenings spent out on the patio reading in peace, although I actually think he was checking the football results as apposed to reading in this picture.

16. Go Geocaching
Hmmmmm still working on this one, not entirely sure why every time I try we fail at this one, this was our 3rd attempt and still we didn't find the cache. 

17. Make a whole meal from the garden
This one bothers me the most, at our old house we grew loads, it was really sucessful and we really enjoyed it.  Although we've got more space to grow, now have a raised bed & greenhouse, we just can't seem to get our gardening mojo back. I think it's a combination of hating the garden (me) having less time, and obviously now having T to worry about with that bloody pond.  Anyway enough bleating, I did manage one meal from the garden, a herb omelette and no photo! 

We managed to get a trip to Milton Keynes Museum.
19. Attend a fete
This is one, we slammed out of the water!  We attended Daddy's football club's fun day, the Newport Pagnell Carnival, the local Fire Station fete & the Blisworth Canal Boat Festival.


20. Make Ice Cream
Wow - wow - wow we made ice-cream in a bag and it was awesome!  Really easy and lots of fun and it was delicious too!

So that was it for Summer 2014.  We've got a few things we didn't even try which we need to carry forward to our Summer 2015 bucket list, really need to get some Autumn items crossed off now. 

Summer Bucket List carry forward items
- pick your own fruit and make jam
- have an ice cream stand
- visit a butterfly farm (we might do this one in the Spring instead)
- go camping
- make a vodka watermelon
- host a tea party (again, might be a Spring activity)
- play boules
- make pebble pots for the garden

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