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|FAMILY|day out at Gullivers land MK

The Sis and I took the boys to gullivers yesterday.
A few months ago I won 2 tickets to Gullivers  land MK in a blind auction for £5 instead of a face value of £34, so we only had to buy 2 more tickets yesterday, so we had a bargain day.
We had a fantastic time, T wanted to go on literally everything he saw, and was big enough to go on most things, accompanied by me so we didn't have any problems with him wanting to go on anything he couldn't!



In total we went on about 12 rides, during the summer we attended a few fairgrounds which charged £2 per ride for toddler rides, so even at the full price of £17 per person (£15 pre order) it's a bit of a bargain, and obviously you can go on rides than once too!!!
I'm not sure that I'd like to go at the height of season but going around this time of year would certainly be something  we'd do again. There were not many people at all, the weather was good and the queues were short and as T is still quite young I think we could get a few good trips in before he outgrows it.

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