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|CREATE|picstick review! christmas magnets

We were lucky enough to be sent a voucher to order some free Picstick recently, Pickstick turn your uploaded photos into high quality magnets and at £9.50 for 9 they are a real bargain! 

With christmas on the way, I thought I'd order a sheet of the same photo to use as a little gift for T's grandparents and Aunties & Uncles.

We set to work on a Christmas photo shoot, T loved dressing up in seasonal PJ's!  For next year I must remember to leave the Santa hat handy for around this time as I didn't want to go into the roof to get it, we used a stocking that used to belong to K or H and some reindeer PJ's (which were too big last year!) as props.

I took many photo's mostly out-takes like these!

I added a Happy Christmas banner using Rhonna designs app and loaded my photo to picsticks, I did have to select my picture 9 times, it would have been nice if somewhere I could have said use the same picture for all photos, but I guess I was doing something out of the norm and it really didn't take long.  Within days I was sent the sheet of magnets.

This photo really doesn't do them justice, it's the only magnetic surface we have and I think it gives off too much reflection, but I can assure you, they are great quality and I'm thrilled as to how they've turned out.

Thanks so much Picstick, I really appreciate you letting us try these free!  If you'd like some of your own you can use the code BEE25 to recieve 25% off your order.  You can follow Pickstick, on Facebook or twitter

I'll be back soon to show how I'm going to present these as a small christmas gift.

Although we received a free sample of the product for this review, we have received no financial compensation, all opinions are our own.

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  1. great idea to send them as gifts!!!! Cant wait to see what your ging to do with them! X


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