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|COOK|meal planning Monday 27 October

Had a great weekend of meal planning lots of extra portions made up and now in the freezer!  Love it when I know there are healthy homemade 'ready meals' in the freezer. 

There's nothing like the Winter to make me want to cook yummy meals!

This is this weeks meal plan. I'm very loosely following slimming world to try and loose half a stone for Christmas, I've got the mag and am looking for recipes online, apart from tonight's stroganoff  it's all pretty healthy... And I'm trying to refrain from chip night tomorrow... we'll see!

M - pork stroganoff & rice (mushroom)
T - jacket potato & salad
W - chilli & wedges
T - beef stew (vegetable)
F - chicken tarragon with rosemary potatoes (quorn version for me)
S - egg & chips
S - pasta bake

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  1. Chilli and Wedges. Yum... We had chilli and jackets on Saturday and after not having since forever they certainly hit the spot.



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