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|WORD OF THE WEEK|hectic - 5 September

The Reading Residence
Thanks Jocelyn for reminding me about the word of the week.  I'm linking in to the word of the week over at The Reading Residence for the first time.

My word of the week this week is...


Hectic... For work just being out of control at the moment with no sign of it ending.

Hectic... For so many blog posts I am dying to write but am not finding enough time.

Hectic... For the hubs being on a course so we're planning our days round each other so we can still car share.

Hectic... For the hubs being 'on call' for work so losing my tag team partner before T's bedtime.

Hectic... Because 91yo Grandpa has been in hospital again and rushing round to catch-up on progress - he's ok now and at home.

Hectic... As there are so many activities I want to do with T this weekend.

Hectic... For a jam packed weekend (fri-sun) again (pick up recorded delivery letter from postal delivery office, shop for sil birthday present, make cards, buy parents anniversary gift, make nettle soup, go to a party, mushroom forage, golf, sleepover, visit parents, take car to garage, shopping, postcircle letters & many other random things that need doing!)

Hectic... Because T decided to have so many toilet accidents this week which means at least 2 loads more clothes to wash and dry, on top of what I've already done to get him through the week!

Did I mention this week has been hectic?????


  1. Oh that does sound a little bit bonkers :) hope things calm down a bit - am interested to hear how the nettle soup goes x

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I can't wait to do the nettle soup - just hope I have the time :) x

  2. Wow! What a busy time you're having!! It sounds crazy!

  3. Ah, it does sound so hectic! I'm exhausted just reading it! I hope this weekend goes smoothly, and that you can look forward to some less hectic times soon! Thanks very much for joining in with #WotW x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn, next week should be slightly better ;) x

  4. Wow such a lot going on for you, I hope you have a more relaxed weekend and a better week :) #WotW


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