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|FAMILY|family fun - 12-14 September

*Warning! This post is photo-heavy!*

Following on from our summer staycation (planning details coming shortly - honest) I've been really keen to keep up momentum and make the most of our weekend family time.

I'm hoping to do a little round up every Sunday evening so that I remember just how important this time is.  If I ever get started again on project life I might not feel the need to blog it, but for now, it's my only method of capturing it, I do hope you don't mind indulging me!

This weekend has been another busy one, there were one or two bloggy things I needed to get done, I had to work for 'a couple of hours' Saturday afternoon, there were 2 local events I wanted to attend and a couple of household chores.

The list of things to do went a little something like this...
1. Gayton dog show ✖️
2. Harpole scarecrow festival ✔️
3. Me working Saturday afternoon (well most of Sunday) ✔️
4. Sort out T's toys ✖️
5. Get all washing done ✔️
6. Blog stuff ✔️
7. BBQ Saturday evening ✔️
8. H playing football Sunday morning ✔️
9. Clean bathroom ✔️
10. Mow the lawns ✖️

The menu plan went like this -

Friday, B - toast, L - sandwiches, D - sausage and pasta bake
Saturday, B - croissants, L - soup, pork pie & vegetable crisps, D - homemade burgers & wedges
Sunday, B - 'McMuffins', L - jacket potatoes, D - mince and onion pie with mash & veg

I love that when we have the teens I do make more of an effort in cooking homemade food, it's something I really need to do more of on other weekends and through the week.  The only meal which changed was the mince pie, we were still full from the jacket potatoes so the hubs had a tikka slice.

T and I didn't really do much this friday, we went shopping and time really got the better of us, so we just played a lot.  I really need to start planning more in for him on a friday it will also help out with blogging too.  I did manage to get the bathroom cleaned whilst T was having a bath, and all the washing got done and dried (not ironed).  I had intended on sorting T's toys out, but that didn't happen. T wanted to help with dinner, so he laid the table, The hubs and the teens arrived just before 7 o'clock T had already eaten a tin of spaghetti (scetti) and toast, because he was hungry!  We had a lovely dinner and found out about how the kids had been getting on at school, K has loads of homework - going into yr11 and H made cookies in food tech!  I then got a FaceTime from Jack, so we all spent time talking to Jack and Lindsey which was nice. The hubs went off down the pub at 8 o'clock, which meant that the kids and I could watch what we wanted, as soon as T fell asleep at 8.30 we watched Ghost Adventurers back-to-back - happy days!

T had a terrible night, he was either awake and wimpering with a tummy ache or wanting to be cuddled all night, in an effort not to wake the whole house and try and get a little sleep myself, I let him sleep in with us.  This was actually worse for me as he constantly tried to climb on my tummy like he did as a baby!  Anyway after many unsuccessful toilet trips his tummy ache finally went, he's a dab hand at 'on demand' wee's though ;)

He slept in until 7.30 when we got up, everyone else followed around 8.30, by which time T and I had, had a nice cuddle and a couple of cups of tea.

We had planned on going to the scarecrow festival in the morning and the dog show in the afternoon as I could nip back and work, when I was summoned!  We went off to Harpole which is literally just down the road.  There were quite a few scarecrows, T was old enough to appreciate it more this year, we didn't use the pushchair but he was really tired and grouchy towards the end.  The entrance fee was £2 per adult, we're sure we only paid £2 per car last year, this year though the kids got a free ice cream token which made £4 quite a bargain for us.

People had put so much into the scarecrows again this year, the hubs liked this Charlie Chaplin one.

T was going for a ride on the donkey's at £2 I thought that was a real bargain, but as soon as we got up close he was having none of it!!

T loved the minion hay bales!

... and the Beefeater.

The hubs loved the Bertie Bassett as it reminded him of his Dad (his favourite sweets)

We went to look in the reptile room, T liked the tortoise, but wouldn't go near the snakes or lizards!

We had a look at the model spitfire,which plays war time music, there is always a strong patriotic influence to the festival, with lots of stalls and displays for Hope for hero's.

T doing his best batman scarecrow impression.

And finally the kids had their free ice-creams, I thought that was a lovely touch.  We had intended on getting some chips at the festival, hence only soup and crisps for lunch but there were none.

We made our way back to have some lunch with the intention of heading down the road to the dog show after, however, T fell asleep.  He woke halfway through our lunch but didn't want any 'just a cuddle' so the hubs and H went to watch the football, K went to her room to 'do homework' and I sat in the kitchen with a sleeping T catching up with Mary Berry on Who do you think you are?  Suffice to say, we didn't make it to the dog show and I got a message to say there'd been some delay at work so wasn't needed until Sunday.

The hubs went and prepped the BBQ, the one thing I really hate about real BBQ's is how long they take to get going.  K for some reason donned her onesie and stood outside talking to her dad, H wanted to help me so he made the burgers, from dicing the onion to mixing the mince to pressing into burgers he had a whale of a time.  T flitted between those outdoors and us indoors ;)

After a lovely lunch and general chit-chat the kids played and the hubs and I tidied away, then they were all playing together a while, whilst I did a little project for the blog.

T and I went off to bed, when x-factor came on (I think I am the only person in the world who hates it!!) sadly I fell asleep with T so didn't get to enjoy the evening (this is becoming a regular occurrence).

T had a better night, he woke 5 times but twice he just needed to be told to lay down and go back to sleep on 2 occasions he needed a cuddle, he went straight off though and in his own bed (still disturbed sleep for me!) and finally he wandered into us at 5.30 and slept again until 7 o'clock, when I got up with him.  We played for ages and I fiddled with my planner for a while.

The hubs came down at 8 o'clock and then woke the teens whilst I put on the breakfast, H had football at 10 o'clock so they needed to leave the house by 9 o'clock, they left and T and I played again.  H had new team photo's & a kit which fits and they won 3-0.
At 11 I was told I could work, so I logged on and worked for a couple of hours, T was an angel practising his writing and watching octonauts on the ipad.  The hubs came home around 1 and I made some lunch whilst he spent time with T, I then got back to work.  T was a little bored so I gave him some paint and a play mat, he got tired and so I got him off to sleep and continued working.  When he awoke, he spent time with his dad.

I finished the 'couple of hours' working at 5.45 so spent time playing with T again.  His choices, cars on the car mat, then his duplo and book & then some puzzles.

T had a smoothie ice lolly for being such a good boy, but didn't like it and gave it to the hubs.

So that was our weekend, oh and you might just be able to notice from this photo that we took down the fire guard protecting the TV, DVD, sky box etc, T's been pretty good so far, except for helping himself to putting on DVD's!  I'm now upstairs writing this whilst the hubs is downstairs watching x-factor again.  And that's it... our weekend.  As always, gutted it's over but we've had some lovely family time this weekend and all made plans for the next time the teens are with us.

If anyone is still with me, sorry this is so long, I hadn't intended it to be, I just kind of got into it!

Hope you had an awesome weekend, Lx

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