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|FUN|traffic light memory game

I've been wanting to work on some memory activities with T for a while now, and so I came up with this traffic light memory game.
I created 2 printables, one with colours and one without, we then laminated them back to back.

T worked on this activity with his Dad, The Hubs showed T the coloured side then turned it over, he asked T what colour was up the top then asked him to choose the right colour from his crayola slick stix these come off of laminated sheets a treat with a baby wipe and so are great for this sort of activity.
We then gave T some pom-poms and again asked him to put them in the right place (we didn't show him the coloured side again).
T then used play dough to create the traffic lights again he did this from memory.
For a younger child, you coud just use the coloured side initially and colour match with different objects. I actually thought T would find this a little more challenging and so I think I've under-estimated what T is capable of, so I'd probably say now in hindsight that this is probably more geared to toddlers 2 - 2 1/2 rather than a bit older.

A copy of my printable can be downloaded here if you'd like it, as with all my printables/activities it's not perfect but it will give you a quick and simple activity in minutes (great for rainy days!)

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