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|FUN|snow plough sensory play

This is actually an activity which we did in the winter, but as our theme this month is 'transport' I thought I'd resurrect it as I never blogged about it at the time.  I do appreciate that it's not really appropriate for this time of year, but it's lots of fun!
T and I created a wall with mega blocks which I then filled with polystyrene balls, he spent literally hours playing with his diggers scooping up the 'snow' it had the extra fun of sticking to everything which of course T thought was hilarious.
When it came to cleaning up, I made sure that my dyson was beautifully clean (look out for a dyson cleaning tip coming soon!!!) I let T suck up all the balls using the dyson, this went down very well, as the polystyrene balls were whirling round the collection bucket, we talked about snowstorms we then put all the mega blocks away, sucking any stray balls out of the blocks.
Once we had finished and everything was sucked up, I removed the bucket from the dyson and sprayed loads of hairspray into it.  I then left it overnight, I'm not sure if this was necessary or relevant but the next day the balls seemed to come out of the bucket and into a bag relatively easily and only a few remained in the bucket - which I just left to be honest.
Apologies for the lack of clothes in the photo - T doesn't really like wearing clothes much!!
You could do a similar activity with bird seed or beans, still using the mega blocks as 'walls'.

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