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|CREATE|bee + bee, bug hotel

This was supposed to be one of our family projects to make during our staycation in July, for some reason we never really got round to it then and ever since I've been badgering The Hubs to do it for me (I'm not 'allowed' to use power tools!) 

In July The Hubs cut down a tree in the garden, so we used a slice of that and drilled holes in it to form the centre of our bug hotel.

The Hubs created a traditional house shape for me out of an old pallet, the dimensions we worked to were:
Roof 13.5cm length x 2
Sides 18.5cm length x 2
Bottom 11cm length x 1
The width of our boards is just over 8cm.
We purchased a mitre box to mitre the sides and roof, we didn't use a work bench though so these measurements are approximate.  The Hubs has duly informed me that my list of woodwork projects is on hold until he gets himself a work bench!  We did an OK  job, but it was much harder than it should have been.

Part-way through putting it all together, he had to stop and check the football score!

We glued and pinned our bug hotel together and it is really secure.
Once it was ready T and I had the job of filling it with lots of nooks and cranny's for the bugs to build their homes.  We started with some loo rolls and filled them with sawdust and hay, I'm not really sure if anything will use those but I thought I'd give it a go and if nothing more it adds a bit of interest!  We then filled all the spaces in-between with cut up sticks and canes.

We attached our bug hotel to our fence (where the trees and shrubs have been cut down and it's looking really bare!)
This was a great team project for The Hubs and I, sometimes it was a bit fraught, but that was more down to the fact that we didn't have the correct tools for the job (lack of work bench!)  I can't wait to move onto our next recycling project! Lx

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