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|FUN|hammering constellations

I wanted a nice and simple invitation to play for T for our space theme.

He loves hammering so I thought I'd create some constellation pictures so that he could hammer golf tees where stars should be, whilst looking for constellations for children I came across these fab star gazing sewing cards at kids activities blog, I realised that if I just printed them on A3 instead of A4 I wouldn't have to create anything myself, always happy to adapt someone else's fantastic idea as a shortcut (although also very happy to site and link when the resource is not my own!)

Using a large block of polystyrene I keep for T's hammering practice, I attached 2 pictures at a time using double sided tape to keep it still whilst T was hammering.  He started off tentatively pushing the tees into the stars with enough force to stand them up.

Then out came the hammer, he did a great job of getting the tees in the right place although he did ask for the tees to all be the same colour (ooops he definitely gets that from me!)

A super, quick and easy little activity which I like to think subliminally teaches the constellations, we have a star for The Hubs Dad in Orion's Belt and so it's really important for me that T can recognise this constellation and understands it's importance to us as a family, I like to hope that doing little activities like this will help to reinforce that.

This months theme is 'space' we're exploring the planets, doing some fun space themed activities and eating some inter-galactic food!   You can see all our space blog posts here.

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