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|FAMILY|summer break staycation - day 4

When we saw Mary and Monkey from over40andmumtoone on Countryfile enjoying the Gruffalo trail over at Wendover woods, I knew we had to take T during our summer break.  You can read all about their special day here

So for the final day of our staycation off we went to find the gruffalo!

Our picnic bag was packed with hotdogs, a saucepan, drinks and desert - our BN biscuits, we also took the picnic blanket and portable stove, oh and of course T's £1.50 gruffalo we got from a local Facebook sales page. I should point out now that I forgot to take my veggie sausages which was damn annoying!

When we got there my first observation was that it was bloody heaving. Pushchairs everywhere and cars abandoned wherever the driver fancied parking, I was shocked just how busy it was to be honest and it didn't seem to be school aged children either. 

We followed the trail and found the gruffalo, we waited about 20 mins for everyone to clear out of the way, and by the time it was clear and we had the gruffalo all to ourselves T refused to have his photo taken claimed to 'neeeeed a nap' and went into a 'I want milk in a baby's bottle' meltdown which was pretty stressful but we got over it eventually. At the moment I really can't see an end to getting rid of the sodding bottle, deep breaths... we will get there though. 

After a trip to the cafe to grab a sandwich for me we headed over to the BBQ area and set up the camping stove, I was really amazed how quickly it heated up the hotdogs, we actually borrowed this from friends but we are heading out this weekend to get one ourselves for our future camping trips, it was fab!  It was a nice alternative picnic and something we'll definitely be doing again. 

After the hot dogs, the raspberry BN biscuits came out, now, they really are lovely, certainly my favourites!  Everyone else had 3 each which says it all really.

When we got home, we did the big butterfly count

And guess what??  Played in the paddling pool and rainbow sprinkler!

At 5.30pm The Hubs had to take The Teens home, it was sad. They are coming back next weekend but I still think it's going to take T a while to get used to not having them around.

Total cost of day 4 staycation = £6.70, £3.20 parking £3.50 for my lunch (this makes me cross because it was unnecessary!).

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