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|FAMILY|summer break staycation - day 3

For today's staycation, we visited a museum, this was also an activity from our summer bucket list. Originally I'd planned to go to Oxford Natural History museum during our summer break as recommended by one of my favourite bloggers Mary over at  over40andmumtoone you can read all about Mary and Monkey's adventure at the museum here but I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to MK museum for £5 on The Hubs' football clubs blind auction so as it's nearer we went there.   Its free at oxford natural history museum so I think we'll still pay a visit there sometime. Happy to mark the meseum activity as complete. 

First we looked at the Victorian and wartime gardens then we sat in an 'Anderson' air raid shelter and listened to noises from a war raid, T really enjoyed this and wasn't nearly as scared as this picture implies!  It was really interesting as I know my grandma had one of these in their garden in Coventry during the war. 
After looking round the Victorian farmhouse and transport exhibit, we sat down to eat our picnic. 
T was particularly thrilled with the chocolate BN biscuits which were on offer and were enjoyed by all!  I love the fact that they are wholemeal and less than 100 calories each, everyone else just loved the taste :)
It was such tiring work, someone needed a little rest!
We then took a look round the old shops, these were really lovely and I'd have liked to spend more time there but T's attention span was waneing so after a trip to the souvenir shop we headed home. 
It was mid afternoon by the time we were home and so we all got out in the garden, K & H did a fantastic job of rubbing the garden table down with the supervision of The Hubs. 
I made up the last 2 chairs to make 6, we've only had them sitting in a box in the garage 5 years!!! 😉 but now need an extra one for T when we are all out there, glad that's another job done. 
It was all too much for someone who actually succumbed to his first nap this week!
After we'd cleared up we finally got round to trying a spot of geocaching, apparently there was a cache just outside the village, so off we set, we looked and looked and... found nothing :( maybe it was our inexperience, maybe it just wasn't there anymore, anyway, very disappointing! This was also an item on our summer bucket list, I'd love to actually find one before it's crossed off, but at least we've given it a go, maybe wendover woods will be more rewarding.
We walked home to dinner and another waterfight for the boys, another bucket list item, after 4 nights of this I think we can safely mark that as achieved!
We ended the evening sitting on the patio reading and chatting until someone got tired around 8.45pm and I took him into bed, he didn't fall asleep until 10pm though, damn that nap!!!  Reading outdoors also an item on our bucket list!!!!
Total cost of day 3 staycation = £12.00, £5.00 tickets (should have been £22.00) and £7.00 from the souvenir shop on learning toys for T.
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  1. I think a staycation is an excellent idea - we'vedone it with our lot before, and we're kind of doing it again this year :)

    1. This is our third staycation maybe we'll take the kids away next year! It does take some planning but very much worth it, and this year I only had 4 days to organise! :)

  2. That looks like a great museum. Waterfights in this heat are heaven! Visiting from 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge

    1. It was good Mel, full of local history. T was way too young though and got bored really quickly, after the air-raid shelter nothing else really interested him. :)

  3. Love the picture of your boy relaxing on the grass. Fantastic day out and the staycation is a great idea.

    1. He actually does think he's a teenager :)

      Thanks, I really enjoy the 'challenge' of a staycation.

  4. Staycations can be so much fun as you post clearly demonstrates. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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