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|FAMILY|summer break staycation - day 2

Day 4 of our summer staycation, we needed to stay quite local because T had his 30 month check at 3.30, so in the morning we went swimming to Danes camp, a local leisure pool, T was a nightmare, really clingy and didn't want to go in the deeper water, all he wanted to do is go in this 'baby's area'.  Suffice to say, he'll be starting swimming lessons soon!  Cost £17.50 for family ticket plus one toddler and lockers, with £3 back for returning wristbands.

After swimming we nipped into subway for lunch, they are currently doing a fab deal of 4 x 6inch subs, 4 x cookies/crisps and 4 drinks for £9.99, we didn't realise this when we went so that was a nice surprise.  Total meal cost £13.97 meal for 4, kids pak and a drink for H who doesn't drink fizzy and they wouldn't swap it in the deal!

T was showing no signs of napping again so as it was a lovely day and he wanted 'to climb the highest mountain' we popped across the road to Hunsbury Hill Country Park, we had a great time, the boys were off playing which meant that The Hubs, K and I could sit and enjoy the sun!  It was totally impromptu so we didn't have our phones, hence the lack of photos!

We took T along for his 30 month check, all fine, we weren't really expecting a lot, if you are a follower on Instagram you'll know that I take more notice of the nursery's quarterly eyfs checks than this.  I did think he might be a little bit underweight, but he's right on the 50th percentile so spot on for his age, same with his height.  He won't now see the health visitor again, just the nurse for his pre-school boosters in approximately a year 
(wow that seems weird!)

When we got home, The Hubs and I did some gardening, well, cut down a tree in all honesty, no before pictures sadly, but it's just soooo bare now, need to get a couple of shrubs that we can keep to a decent height.  The kids played in the paddling pool again, T got a bit tired so he and K went in for a cuddle, oh the joys of having he teens here - T is not needing to be entertained by us 24/7 so we get a bit of a break, even if it's to do gardening, actually by this time I was sitting with a glass or wine and my book and The Hubs was clearing up!

Just as we finished (8pm), the chip van arrived so it was fish and chips all round, we didn't really have time for anything else and were all in bed by 10pm - must be the fresh air (although at the time of writing this it's 1pm as I'm now wide awake!!)

Total cost of today's activities - ouch! A not so cheap £45.97 = £14.50 swimming £13.97 lunch & £17.50 fish and chips

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