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|COOK|Meal planning monday - 14 July

Last week we stayed on track, The Hubs didn't end up being away (he is away this week though!) but having a bit of flexibility with the meal plan meant that we could swap and change meals around and keep waste to an absolute minimum. This weeks waste was some carrots, green beans and half a bag of salad which went to the chickens and 2 sliced of ham which the bin enjoyed ;)

I'm only working on a plan up to Friday as we have the teens from Saturday for a week, for our 'spring staycation' so I'm working on a separate plan for that for next weeks MPM.

This weeks plan...
Monday - sausage and mustard mash with gravy (just mash for me - I love it on it's own!)
Tuesday - chip night, yeah I know this is getting boring now!
Wednesday - The Hubs is away so I've got pesto ravioli with EV olive oil and balsamic glaze, shown in the picture above!
Thursday - quiche and salad
Friday - shepherds pie (lentil version for me)

I'm really working on my menu planning at the moment and have been busy creating forms for my household planner, this week I've been collecting all of our family favourite meals in one place as a quick and easy reference, you can download a copy here if it would be useful to you.
This post will be linked to Meal Plan Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com a lovely little community of homemakers and a fabulous resource for meal ideas.


  1. Love quiche & salad for a simple but yummy meal :)

    1. Me too Stacey, The Hubs takes some convincing though :)


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