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|COOK|tortilla wrap pizza

This is a cheeky little pizza with half the calories of a regular pizza.

Now, I don't like a thick crust anyway so this suits me down to the ground, if you like deep pan overloaded pizza, I'm not going to lie, this isn't going to cut it!

I love this pizza as if I'm going to eat calories, I'd rather they came from somewhere I really enjoyed rather than a meal I could give or take!  If I can save calories on the base it means that I can still enjoy cheese on the top!

Serves 1
tortilla wrap
tomato sauce I use my basic tomato sauce

Just assemble the pizza and bake for 10 mins 140oC


These also freeze really well, just pop in a large freezer bag and there you go!  Bake for 15 mins from frozen.

Hope you are having a good week - are you enjoying it football?  You could make these pizzas to enjoy whilst watching England play on Thursday night! :) Lx


  1. This looks yum! and means i could have pizza and like a quarter if the syns!! Thanks for sharing xx


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