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|COOK|fun food friday - winners dinner

This is the last of our football themed lunches and I'm happy to bring this one to a close ;) it's been hard as trying to find football bento accessories has been impossible so I've had to try and think outside the box a bit.  I'm also ready to move onto a new theme, although as the World Cup continues to 13 July, all of our football and World Cup activities and lunches are still current.

Not a particularly difficult lunch, T loved it, he loved dipping his veggies into the trophy from his sensory box! Half a small jacket potato with cheese topped it off. I added a cake decoration footballer, something I actually already had from either The Hubs or H's birthday one time and some cake decoration football boots. 

To make the boots into little picks I made a hole using a drawing pin and inserted a cocktail stick, then cut it down, simple as that.

Not really a lot to say about the things I used so I'll keep this short and sweet!

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Have a great day Lx

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  1. As I said on twitter, I love your optimism! Love how you made the football boot picks too, ingenious!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!


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