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|ORGANISE|ready mixed paint storage

Do you use ready mix paint with your little ones for their painting activities?  I do, but I do get a little frustrated bringing out the big bottles each time, then pouring some out onto a dish and washing quite a lot away after T's finished.

T and I did some painting this weekend, instead of pouring some paint onto a plastic dish I found some small square plastic containers that I'd bought at poundland (for the record - fast becoming my favourite shop!) these proved to be perfect for storing a small amount of paint and the small size means I can store all the large bottles out of the way and just keep our paint 'pots' handy. The lids proved to be a very good rest for the paint brushes too.

I'm so pleased that I looked in my 'tuppaware' cupboard for something to use as our paint is all nicely organised... now I've just got to find somewhere out of 'Ts reach to keep them!

I love finding little storage solutions, hope that this is useful Lx

Mami 2 Five


  1. Great idea. I have pots of paint constantly on my kitchen windowsill. Might have to pop along to the 99p store for some little tuppaware! Thank you! #sundaystars

    1. Hope you've managed to get some and that it works for you x

  2. what fab idea, I've still got loads of these little tubs leftover from when we were weaning Archie so now I can finally make use of them! #SundayStars

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    1. Thanks so much, hope it works for you :) x


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