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|FAMILY|toddler activities - water bead sensory play

This was not the post scheduled for today but I received these water beads yesterday and we've been playing with them this morning so I wanted to share. 

I purchased these water beads on ebay, I bought 3 lots ranging from 39p - 59p for 8 bags. The amount you can see in the picture above is from 1 packet!!

The beads are tiny when you receive them, you add to water, I had to add 400ml for each packet.

This is what they looked like when I added the water. The pack says to leave for 4 hours, I left these overnight and woke up to these...

They are brilliant!!  At first T was a bit unsure as the feeling was a bit strange for him but it didn't take long for him to get his hands in and start playing.

On the eBay description it says that these can last up to 2 years when used as intended - instead of soil in plants. I'm thinking about buying a large fishbowl or vase and just tipping them in when we are not playing with them. Apparently they just need to be kept moist.
EDIT: (06/09/14) - FYI this didn't work, they went mouldy!!!!

NOTE: these are not designed for children and are not edible so I would not leave T unsupervised playing with them.

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